Manage Azure Resources using the Azure Portal Desktop App

Apart from the Microsoft Azure mobile apps for Apple and Andriod, we do know that we can access Azure portal from any browser. Microsoft has made it much more easier with a desktop app for Windows machines with which we can manage azure resources much more easily.

Here are the steps to download, install and configure the Azure Portal App on Windows Machine

Browse to the URL :

Click on the “Download the Azure Portal App” button

Wait till the Installer file gets downloaded to your machine

Double click the installer file and install the app

Just after this extraction, the app would be installed. You can verify this by clicking on the “Windows” button on the task bar

The app would start automatically and ask for login information. Provide your azure portal credentials.

After login, the Azure Portal Dashboard appears in the app.

Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, the question is “How does this app help us?

  • If you have a Windows server, then you know that doing job in edge browser is not possible. The portal app helps you in this case.
  • You get the same browser experience in the app. Nothing extra or less.
  • When your organization has restrictions on browser usage or filters, the portal app helps you in this case too.
  • For an individual running a non-server OS, you could use browser based Azure Portal or even the App [if you have a love for apps]

Hope you enjoy the new app ๐Ÿ™‚

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